Today, there is no concept of internet without Google and we use it to search anything, everything on the web. Any person familiar with the name internet, also knows that Google exists.

Google has many secret and cool features. Here are the ten things you do with the search engine

1. Flip A Coin

Striving between two options? Google can help you with it. Just type Flip A Coin and Google will do it for you in no time.

2. Roll A Dice

Want to play a board game but don’t have the dice? Don’t worry, Google is here to help. Just type Roll A Dice in Google and it will show a result according to six sided dice.

3. Askew

Google shows the search results as slanted if you type in Askew in the search bar. The searches start to tilt a bit if you scroll down.

4. Zeg Rush

Typing ‘Zerg Rush’ and pressing I’m Feeling Lucky button opens a game with the small characters ‘o’. The search results start to destroy if not clicked with the mouse pointer.

5. Atari Breakout

Type Atari Breakout in Google Images Search, it will load the Classic Atari Arcade Game on your device screen and you can play it easily.

flip coin, attari breakout, google galaxy, zeg rush

6. Google Pac-Man

You can also play the classical Google Pac-Man game with Google. Just type in ‘Google Pac-Man’ and it will open the 1980s game for you.

7. Google Gravity

Type Google Gravity in the search and click on the first result. Everything on the front game will fall down to the bottom, just like the gravity attract things to fall down on the ground.

flip coin, attari breakout, google galaxy, zeg rush

8. Do A Barrel Roll

Flip Google to the 360-degree. Type in Do A Barrel Roll and watch this cool trick happen.

9. Google Galaxy

Google is really a galaxy for all the things present on the web, but have to even seen it acting like one, literally? Just type in Google Galaxy, click on I’m feeling lucky and watch all the front page components circling in an orbit around the word ‘Google’.

flip coin, attari breakout, google galaxy, zeg rush

10. Offline Dinosaur Game

Don’t have the working internet for a while? Why wait while it connects. Play the offline Dinosaur game. Just open the Google Chrome and it will there for you to play.

flip coin, attari breakout, google galaxy, zeg rush