Edward Snowden, in 2013 confirmed what many had suspected: governments around the world are spying on its citizens. And they have eyes and ears on everything. But sadly they aren’t the only one. From hackers to criminals there are many people looking to snoop on our personal communications.

Encrypted Email Providers

If you are tired of unwanted ads forced on you by the companies, and or not satisfied with the malicious characters – trying to gain access to some of your most personal communications then it might be worth choosing a secure, privacy focused, and most importantly, encrypted email provider.


Price: Free. Premium accounts available.
Storage: 1GB as standard. Upgradable.
Country: Germany

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Based in Germany, Tutao GmbH launched Tutanota in 2011 as a freemium, encrypted web-mail service. The name “tuta nota” comes from the Latin, meaning “secure message”. The service’s servers are also based in Germany, making them subject to Germany’s rigorous Federal Data Protection Act. However, privacy advocates may not be agreeable to their data being stored in Germany, after it emerged that Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service had collaborated with the NSA in their surveillance programs.


Price: Free. Premium accounts available.
Storage: 200 MB of emails, 250 MB of documents as standard.
Country: Belgium

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ContactOffice, the virtual office provider, have created comes Mailfence – which is an encrypted and free privacy focused web-mail client. Following the Snowden revelations in 2013, the founders of ContactOffice believed that there was a need for a secure, privacy minded email platform. As with many other European countries, Belgium has strong privacy laws which favour the consumer rather than the company, and unlike many other countries there is little evidence to suggest that Belgium collaborated in the NSA surveillance schemes.


Price: Free. Premium accounts available.
Storage: 500MB as standard. Up to 20GB for Premium accounts.
Country: Switzerland

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ProtonMail service started back in 2013 from some very impressive beginnings. Originally developed by researchers in CERN, ProtonMail uses end-to-end encryption so that messages are encrypted at your end, and can not be unencrypted by the company — or anyone else for that matter.

As ProtonMail predominantly provides free accounts, it is reasonable to consider how they will sustain the service. In a comment posted to Reddit, ProtonMail made it clear that they have a Defence Fund which would sustain the service for up to a year without any other revenue.

In the age of government spying and increased hack attacks, it is important to use every way possible to secure your data and privacy online. And it is even more important to know about the cyber laws of your country, so you can take advantage to secure your privacy in case of any mishap.