WordPress; if you are on the internet, there are 99.9% chances you have heard it name. Launched in 2003, it has become one of the most important platforms of our age.

Web wouldn’t be same without WordPress. It is one of the best thing that has ever happened to the internet — and for the users. Here are three facts that show just how much influence it has and how much we rely on it as a society.

Facts WordPress

1-in-4 websites across the world use WordPress — There are over 1.1 billion websites in the world and approximately 27% of them run on WordPress. It’s impressive how much more popular WordPress became – even in the presence of Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace.

Missing the old look of the WordPress post editor? Here is how you can Add Underline & Justify Text Buttons back. 

It is used by world-class publications — You probably din’t know that The New York Times, People, National Geographic, and Forbes all run on WordPress. We can’t name every big website, that’s is out there running on this platform. WordPress truly is everywhere.

500 WordPress sites are created daily — That’s the equivalent of 20 new blogs every hour or one new blog every 3 minutes. While the numbers of new posts getting published per day is closer to 60 million. Incredible, right?

WordPress is truly incredible and user friendly. Our Websites Computergeek.pk & Techwise.pk are also running on the same platform. WordPress, when launched, was never expected to become this much bigger — which is truly impressive to say the least.