Downloading massive files isn’t always easy, especially if you are on the move and don’t have great Internet. Unless you’ve got an unlimited data cap, letting any such big download continue without Wi-Fi isn’t always a good idea. Google, in its next operating system update seems to have acknowledged the issue, and has introduced a ‘pause download’ button.

android o pause system update downloads
Image: Android Police

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Since the Chrome 50, pausing downloads on Android feature has been there in Chrome’s built-in downloader. The feature proves to be extremely useful, in any case you have to head out for work, while an application is still downloading and you don’t have good enough data cap. You can just pause the download and resume it when you are back home.

Though, initially Android Police stated that the ‘pause download’ button may be restricted to larger updates. But, Elliott Hughes, an engineer at Google observed that the feature is equally available for both larger and smaller updates, it’s just hard to notice the button on smaller downloads. He also noted that the ‘pause update’ button is actually part of a new Android Play Services update.

Stay tuned for everything that Android O has to offer. You can find more about it HERE.

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