Credit: Benjamin Geskin

Rumors about the new Apple’s smartphone and its specifications have been floating around from quite a long time, including the company introducing wireless charging for its next generation smartphone on its 10th anniversary. And we just got one of our strongest pieces of evidence yet: Apple has joined the Qi Wireless Power Consortium.

Joining the Wireless Consortium suggests Apple is almost certainly thinking of implementing wireless charging on a future iPhone, and quite likely the iPhone 8. But while previous rumors suggested Apple was holding out for long-distance wireless charging to become available, it appears that tech won’t be ready in time.

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Wireless charging could be a strong plus point to Apple. Android users have been using the feature from quite some time. But Apple’s unmatched ability to shape the market means that it could actually makes wireless charging normal, and that will benefit everyone.

The only question now remains whether Apple will actually use the standard Qi protocol or modify it as it did with the Apple Watch. And some would argue that even with common availability, wireless charging isn’t a useful technology when you’re forced to keep your phone planted on a mat.

Meanwhile, the company has also finalized a deal with its Korean competitor, Samsung to put together a total of 160 million OLED panels for the iPhone 8.