News sources are what keep us updated about all the happening in the World. There are hundreds of thousands news websites on the internet, which keep its users informed throughout the day.

Despite having all these sources, sometimes who just want to visit some unique news website offering different kind of perspective instead of just typical breaking news stuff. So, here we are with the list of some different kind of news websites.

The Conversation 

The-Convo News Websites

You will find The Conversation a totally different kind of news website. For in-depth analysis and many different points of views on a single topic, this website is hard to beat. The site only accepts articles and editorials from renowned authors and academies. 


Reddit News Websites

Known as The Front Page of the Internet, this site is one of the most diverse news source on the internet. From serious to absurd, the site offers insight into everything that is happening in all over the World.


Quartz News Websites

Home to one of the most thought provoking journalism out there, Quartz offers stories that are hard to find anywhere else and its understanding of the online world make Quartz a beautiful site to visit.

Google News

News Websites

Google News, its name itself needs no introduction. Google News offers an insight into everything that is happening across the planet. It is also able to use Google Algorithm and shows you the topics you are most likely to enjoy.

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Hacker News 

Hacker-News Websites

Hacker News is a standard tech news aggregator. However, its technologically literate and involved community offers a unique and great insight into the technology news, that is hard to find on any other website. 


538 News Websites

FiveThirtyEight, 538 is the work of statistician Nate Silver. The site offers news blogging from data-centric perspective and perhaps offers a sober take, compared to the other 24-hours news websites.

Al Jazeera

Al-Jazeera News Websites

A high quality international news website, Al-Jazeera also covers local news. it offers an interesting international perspective on local news.

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