Having a verified Twitter account has many benefits, and your account also gets a blue verified badge. Currently the verifications are open for anyone to apply, but it’s depends on Twitter team to either verify your account or not.

IT security researchers have discovered a phishing scam targeting Twitter users who want to verify their accounts. In the scam, cyber criminals are pretending to be the official Twitter verification team eager to verify victims account with a blue badge. However, in reality, the scam is all about stealing their login credentials and financial data.

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The scam is quite detectable because it starts with a Twitter account @SupportForAll6 – which is now suspended – placing legitimate ads on Twitter which are linked to a phishing website twitterhelp.info – also suspended now. Once the user clicks on the ad, they are taken to the phishing site which further asks them to Get started with the verification process.

Those who have been using Twitter since long, can easily detect the scam, but the new users who are is search of blue badge can be trapped. Although @SupportForAll6 account is now suspended, but that doesn’t mean this was the last such attempt from cyber criminals.

Please be noted that the official Twitter support account has more than 5 million followers and checked with a blue badge unlike the one with 119 followers and no verification badge whatsoever.