While YouTube is like a one-stop shop for all your videos, as it hosts all sorts of entertainment, but it’s not without its nuisance. Some of YouTube’s restrictions affect creators, but for most people, running into videos that you can’t play is the most annoying thing.

Bypass restricted YouTube videos
Bypass age-restricted / region-restricted videos with one simple trick.

Whether you run across a video that’s “not available in your country” for some reason or one that’s age-restricted, you can bypass these with a quick URL trick. This will open any video in a full-screen window, hide ads, and bypass age restrictions.

Visit any video on YouTube to start. For example, here’s a restricted URL:


In the URL, remove the watch? and replace the = with another / to sandwich the v in between slashes. The new URL would look like this:


And that’s all you have to do! Of course, for the age-restricted videos, you can view them by signing in, but this is a quick way to view such videos, specially when you don’t want to sign-in while using a public computer.

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