Well, after the just published Wikileaks’ shocking revelations of the CIA’s huge arsenal of tools for remote hacking – discussions of online privacy are increasing more than ever – and one bizarre video of Amazon’s voice-enabled assistant Alexa is already sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Are you connected to the CIA?

According to a video posted on Reddit by an anonymous woman – which is taken down now – she asks Amazon’s virtual assistant a series of questions, starting with a simple question of ‘would Alexa lie to her’, and the slowly proceeds towards the actual question.

This is when things get weird. When the woman asks Alexa whether it’s connected to the CIA, the device begins acting erratically, repeatedly failing to deliver a response – despite effortlessly answering the previous questions.











What’s even more freakish is that the other Redditors have been able to replicate the same result in other virtual assistants, including Apple’s Siri as well as Google’s Now and Assistant.

Here’s how the assistants responded when asked about their ties to the CIA:

While Alexa simple dodged the question, the other assistants couldn’t give even a single satisfying answer.

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What makes people question Alexa even more is that recently Amazon was involved in a murder trial in which the company resorted to its First Amendment rights to argue against providing certain recordings that Alexa may or may not have picked up.

Story Courtesy: TheNextWeb