Apple’s future headquarters, the Apple Park or simple known as Apple Campus 2 is under construction in Cupertino, California. As the building is heading towards its final phase of completion, Duncan Sinfield’s latest drone video takes us on a gorgeous sunset tour of the new spaceship-like building.

Duncan Sinfield, has been providing continuous video updates on the Apple Park. The new video shows how massive are the Apple’s new headquarters, as the building lights up when the sun goes down.

The video, furthermore shows the work continue on the Park’s landscaping. While the main building itself is all-but-completed, the landscaping still resembles that of a construction site.

Earlier this week, Wired got an exclusive look inside the beautiful building of Apple Campus, going in depth of Apple’s goals with the campus, as well as the Steve Jobs’ vision.

Below are few of the screenshots from the video:

Credits: Duncan Sinfield
Credits: Duncan Sinfield
Credits: Duncan Sinfield

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