For how long you have been using the internet? You can count the years, but how many web accounts did you make over all these years? You won’t even remember more than a dozen.

All those accounts you made over the years and are inactive now, can be a trouble for you. It is a scary thought that you have provided your personal information to the websites, social networks and probably don’t even remember now. All that information is available for anyone to access and can be used against you.

erase web accounts

To erase web accounts that have been inactive for years, there is a website now, It can clean up your existence in a click, all you have to do is to provide your google account.

Website scans through thousands of sites and apps to match your account, then allow you to either keep them or delete them on a per-account basis based on what it finds, and don’t worry, uses Google OAuth so you aren’t giving away your login credentials.

Try to delete all many inactive accounts as you can. You never know when you’ve shared too much information online and how it could be used against you in years to come.

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