Facebook today has launched its first dedicated app for 360-degree videosFacebook 360. But it’s currently only available on the Samsung Gear VR.

At launch, the app will feature four feeds:

◘ Explore: Discover some of the most interesting and popular 360 content on Facebook from media companies, organizations and individual creators.

◘ Following: Experience 360 content that your friends have posted on Facebook as well as 360 content from Pages and people you follow.

◘ Saved: Find all the 360 content you’ve saved from News Feed ready for you to enjoy at a more convenient time.

◘ Timeline: Relive your memories in a new way through your own 360 photo and video uploads.

It’s currently only available on the Samsung Gear VR.

Just to be clear, the app doesn’t let you browse your Facebook News Feed or do other regular activities; the app’s sole focus is on videos. Still, with “more than 25 million 360 photos” and “more than 1 million 360 videos,” you should have plenty to do.

Introduction of Facebook 360 is just the latest move in Facebook’s relentless march towards becoming your main source for video. The social media gaint recently announced dedicated video apps for streaming devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

To download the app, just open the Oculus app on your Gear VR and search for Facebook 360.