Confidential internal leaks from Facebook supposedly show how Facebook executives promote advertising campaigns that exploit its users’ emotional states and insecurities and how these practices are aimed at users as young as 14 years old.

The leaked document, obtained by The Australian reveals that how monitoring users’ posts, comments and interactions could help figure out when people felt “defeated”, “overwhelmed”, “stressed”, “anxious”, “stupid”, “nervous”, “silly”, “useless” and a “failure”.

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Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook’s 2016 “F8” conference.

The Australian further states that the documents also reveal a particular interest in helping advertisers target moments in which young users are interested in “looking good and body confidence” or “working out and losing weight.”

Another section of the documents reveals how image-recognition tools are used on both Facebook and Instagram to reveal to advertisers “how people visually represent moments such as meal times.”

The document further goes into great detail about how younger Facebook users express themselves: according to Facebook Australia, earlier in the week, teens post more about “anticipatory emotions” and “building confidence,” while weekend teen posts contain more “reflective emotions” and “achievement broadcasting.” (via ars technica) 

Two Facebook Australia executives, Andy Sinn and David Fernandez, are named as the authors of the leaked document.

Facebook has claimed that these practices were in line with legal protections but reports that the company may have breached Australian guidelines for advertising and marketing towards children.