Facebook, the social media giant has been taking huge step towards fight against fake news and providing people original stuff. The company was criticized heavily for fake news after Donald Trump win, but as promised after that, it has begun to flag fake news stories on news feeds – starting from United States.

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Questionable stories may now show a “disputed” tag underneath, with a link to a source countering the article’s claims. Facebook said it works with ABC News, Politifact, FactCheck, Snopes, and the Associated Press to verify stories.

The step taken by Facebook is excellent, but it has too many cons. Mainly, the process is too slow. Users will have to report a story as fake, or Facebook’s software will notice something fishy, then it can take several days to flag the story as disputed.

By then, the news would be out to the millions, and thousands of them would be believing it as true and much of the damage would’ve been done. But still, it is a welcome move. Here’s to hoping Facebook will add more sources to verify from in the future, to speed up the process overall.