Great news for the stories users. Facebook Stories, the Snapchat clone that was only limited to the Facebook’s mobile app, is now coming to the platform’s desktop site. Though, the Stories feature on desktop is no longer at the top, but is instead off to the right side of the page.

Speaking to the TechCrunch, Facebook confirmed that the Stories launch on desktop is still considered a test, but notes that a wider roll-out is expected soon.

Image: TechCrunch

The company chose to bring Stories to Facebook in early 2017, after seeing its success on Instagram, where the feature had debuted in summer 2016. The feature was first made available in Ireland before expanding to other countries.

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After copying the Snapchat’s famous feature, Facebook added Stories to Instagram, its Messenger app and also the WhatsApp, where it’s named Status. And though the feature got instantly famous among Instagram users, on Facebook, it hasn’t seen as much traction.

Facebook hasn’t confirmed what percentage of users are seeing Stories on the desktop, but many users outside the U.S are also seeing the module.