Image: Facebook

For months, we have been hearing about Facebook’s plans to ramp up its video offerings, and today, we finally get to see the first glimpse. Watch, Facebook’s new video service is an attempt to compete with YouTube and Netflix.

The new service comes in the form of a video tab in Facebook’s mobile, desktop and TV apps, and all of the video content will be referred to as a Show. Subscribing to a show is as easy as subscribing a channel on YouTube, which isn’t a coincidence.

The service will also track the user’s behavior and based on that, will offer personalized suggestions for new Shows. Sections like ‘Most Talked About’ and ‘What’s Making People Laugh,’ will also be included based on the number of comments or haha reactions each episode has. Furthermore, each show will also have its own Group as a place for further discussion.

Facebook to launch Stories on the desktop, begins testing

Facebook, in its press release, has encouraged content creators to use Watch. Company has highlighted four type of shows that’d help creators in making some money. Facebook says that it’s looking for shows that engage fans and community, live shows that connect directly with fans, live events that bring communities together and shows that follow a narrative arc or have a consistent theme. For starters, the company has even funded some shows. Further information for creators can be found on Facebook’s media blog.

Watch will be rolled out to a small number of users as part of a limited server-side test and shows will be made available to a select group of creators at the same time. The feature is expected to be made widely available in the near future.