Last year, Samsung was in news for all the wrong reasons, after several Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion incidents happened and the company also recalled all the Note 7 unites from the market.

Samsung this year announced Galaxy S8 and it has been launched officially. Earlier this year, Samsung announced it would implement a new “8-point battery safety check” that would not only put all of its future phone batteries through extreme testing, but also include x-ray and human inspection checks.

To check whether the company’s claims are true, the popular “What’s Inside?” YouTube channel, in collaboration with the other YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, ran a test. And it seems to confirm the Galaxy S8’s battery won’t catch on fire or explode, even when stabbed with a knife.

The YouTube channel conducting the test, nicked the back of the battery, and it starts smoking and expands. Some of the lithium-ion comes out, but that’s it.

As JerryRigEverything explains, normally we’d see sparks and flames after puncturing a lithium-ion battery. But Samsung’s has somehow figured out a way to prevent the Galaxy S8’s battery from catching on fire.

So here it is! Good job, Samsung!

But in other news, the company might have another problem on its hands, after the early Samsung Galaxy S8 owner who pre-ordered the device, have started to find issues with it. READ HERE.