2016 was a great year for gaming. As it comes to an end, here we take a look back at the Top 16 Games Trailers. These are the top-performing videos from the PlayStation YouTube channel.

We saw some many incredible reveals this year, including The Last of Us II trailer, but all the game trailers, from Infinite Warfare to The Lost Legacy, were amazing.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Days Gone

With an excellent piece of narration, Days Gone exhibits an incredible post-apocalypse scenario. It was a long awaited trailer.

Death Stranding

Detroit: Become Human


Final Fantasy XV

God of War

God of War has to be one of the best reveal trailer in the history of games. It is an amazing and incredible game trailer for a must-play.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Injustice 2

The Last Guardian

The Last of Us Part II

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


There’s palpable anticipation behind Nioh, and it’s clear why: with gorgeous visuals and a brutal campaign, Dark Souls fans are already clamoring for another challenge.



Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

In terms of grin-inducing reveals, The Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trailer ranks up there with God of War. Expertly crafted, and the perfect way to round out 2016.

These were the best games trailers of 2016. Do tell us which one you liked the most.