Google has been working on improving its app for the users using less-powerful devices, but now the company is expanding it’s focus OS-wide. Google at its I/O conference announced that it is attempting to create budget Android platform for developing markets with Android Go.

Android Go will be primarily focused around building an Android version for phones with less memory, with the System UI and kernel able to run with as little as 512MB of memory. Apps will be optimized for low bandwidth and memory, and a separate version of Play Store will be designed for those markets that will highlight these apps.

> There are now over 2 billion monthly active users on Android

Android Go.

Google has also announced the launch of its new program called “Building for Billions” to help developers create these new optimized apps. Google has already shown efforts in this regard with its YouTube Go beta, which launched earlier this year in India.

Starting with Android O – the company’s new version for its mobile operating system – Android devices with less than 1GB of RAM will automatically get Android Go. Google is also committed to release an Android Go variant for all the future Android versions.

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