Google Assistant, previously available on Pixel and other Google devices, is now coming to the hundreds of millions of Android devices running on Nougat 7.0 and Marshmallow 6.0.

The Google Assistant is a personal digital assistant that helps you get things done by engaging in a two-way conversation. The Assistant is already available on Pixel, Google Home, Google Allo and Android Wear. It will now be available to all Android phones running on Marshmallow 6.0 and above. The Google blog reads,

Whether you need to know how to say “nice to meet you” in Korean or just a simple reminder to do laundry when you get home, your Assistant can help. With the Google Assistant on Android phones, you have your own personal, helpful Google right in your pocket.

To use Google Assistant, just press and hold on the Home button or say “Ok Google” to get started. You can ask it to reserve a table at some restaurant, book plane tickets, search for the nearest gas station, search for your photos from last trip etc.

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The company will begin rolling out the Google Assistant this week. It will be first available in the United States, followed by Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Initially, it will be available only in US & UK English and German languages. Additional languages will be incorporated over the coming year. Google’s goal is to “make the Assistant available anywhere you need it”.

From now on, Google Assistant will automatically come with the latest Android phones running Marshmallow and above and it will also be available on Google’s newly announced partner devices, including the LG G6.

Google will be demonstrating the Assistant on a number of Android partner phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this week.