Google is in other league altogether when it comes to the search tools and with its new machine learning tool, the search giant is looking to stay ahead even further.

On 8th of March, Google unveiled its Cloud Video Intelligence API, the latest weapon in its arsenal of search tools at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco. It is the first of its kind API which allows developers to work on applications that can automatically extract entities from a video.

“In other words, Google’s search tool is now capable of recognizing objects inside video or a group of videos as well.”

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API – currently being tested in Private Beta – uses powerful deep-learning models which is built using frameworks like TensorFlow.

The API is the first of its kind, and it enables its users to search and discover video content by providing information about entities, inside the video content. It can even provide contextual understanding of when those entities appear; for example, searching for “Tiger” would find all precise shots containing tigers across a video collection in Google Cloud Storage – Google 

Google Image Search have been around from quite some time, but this is the first time the company has introduced something to search inside videos. Hopefully it will be available soon for the public use.