Google finally updates the Google Earth. Since last 2 years, the app received no major update but now Google Earth, in its version 9.0 has added a bunch of new features that should make the globe app a lot more fun to play with.

First and the most important is browser support: no longer need of a dedicated desktop or mobile app to view Google Earth as it now loads in Chrome with all its features.

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Next, and the second major update brings 3D maps. The maps are available for select locations so you can enjoy more details instead of a traditional satellite imagery.

3D maps

There’s also a new trip section that allows you to take interactive guided tours of interesting places with rich media, including 360-degree video and Street View imagery.

Interactive Guided Tours

Google Earth has already more than 50 Voyager stories in its repository and more are slated to be added each week. Moreover, while using the Android app, if a particular spot catches your attention, you can send a digital postcard of it to your contacts.

The long 2-year period to wait for a major Earth app update is justified as 20,000 points of interest around the map now have Knowledge Cards, which are loaded with history and facts about the said places.

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‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, Google Earth stays with tradition as the app now has a new button to whisk you away to a random location so you can learn about a new destination.

To access Google Earth from your browser, go to in Chrome or download the Android app for mobiles. The new version will be available in other browsers as well as iOS soon.

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