Google Play services.

In another news, app-downloading app breaks app-downloading record on app store.

The Google Play services, the app that’s literally present on every Android smartphone, has broken five billion downloads on the Google Play Store. That’s a record for Google’s third-party app store and it’s only fitting that it’s owned by a Google-owned app.

Five billion is a big number, even the combined population of top 10 most-populated countries on Earth, won’t make that number. PlayStation 2 – the best-selling game console of all time – only sold enough units to cover 3.2% of five billion.

If you can’t process that big number, you need to understand how Play Store works. Play Services itself hasn’t been manually downloaded that many times. When an Android user logs into a device with Google account, Google Play marks the pre-installed apps as downloads. So 5 billion number means that many devices with Play Services were used at some point.

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