Google, since the beginning has encouraged developers to create high quality apps, but its effort hasn’t always been successful. And now the search engine has a new plan for the apps that doesn’t perform well: Google may reduce their visibility in the Play Store.

Poor apps in terms of performance have always been a problem for Google Play Store. While Apple keeps a tight check on the apps available in the store, Google’s hasn’t been sufficiently careful. This approach, though attracts more developers and facilitates more creativity, but the quality of some of the apps becomes questionable.

At Google I/O this year, the company announced that it wants to focus on speed, security, and stability not just for end-users but also for developers. Developers can now see various metrics and scores on their apps’ stability, render time, and battery usage.

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Google now focuses more on following factors:

◘ App not responding rates
◘ Crash rate
◘ Slow rendering
◘ Frozen frames
◘ Stuck wake locks
◘ Excessive wake-ups

Using these metrics, Google will rank the poor apps among the bottom 25 percent. If your app is one of them, you’re likely to hear from the company. And the apps that fall below the given percent threshold – are going to be less visible in the Play Store.

Google’s new policy is welcoming as it promises to establish more righteous standards, and is likely to curb the app that contains malwares and fake apps.

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