Google, late last year announced that it would shut down Google Maps‘ editing tool – Google Map Maker – which is an online tool that allowed anyone to contribute updates to the Maps.

Map Maker had been around since 2008, let users correct or fill in missing map content – like place details, roads, business information and more. This was especially useful in helping establish maps in emerging markets, where detailed local maps were often not available.

The company had said that Map Maker would retire in March 2017. According to a post on Google’s Help site for the service, Map Maker officially closed on Friday, March 31, 2017.

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Map Maker, even though was a great tool but it also had its problems. Such as when the service was used to vandalize Google Maps with an image of the Android character urinating on the Apple logo.

One of the obscene edits on Google Maps

Following the incident and a few other spam attacks, Google temporarily shut down Map Maker to tighten its security and to keep it free from spam.

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Over the time, Google has integrated new editing features into Google Maps including adding and editing places, sharing additional details about a place, moderating edits, viewing the status of your edits, and, most recently, editing road segments. But these features, specially editing the road segments are limited to only Local Guides, that are Level 3 and above.

The new features will be available on both desktop and mobile.