Bad news for the people, who only want to earn through their sites, without even caring for the audience and the content. The search giant, Google has announced that their update for its algorithm that targets popups is live.

Those who hate the pop-up ads while browsing the internet on mobiles, computer system or any other device, this is the good news for them. Google’s penalties mean that many websites will have to get their act together or risk becoming irrelevant.

Pages that will get affected by Google’s Penalties

  • Pages that give user a pop up right after they click a hyperlink or as they scroll through a page – any kind of ads which are hiding the page’s content.
  • Pages that shows the user with an interstitial that must be shut before the user gets to their preferred content. Examples are the many live streaming sites.
  • Pages that keep the desired content “under the fold” with an interstitial on the top of the page.

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Google has claimed that “small” pop ups won’t be affected by these updated algorithm, but they didn’t give any specific details about how ad sizes will be classified as small or big.

Google released a statement saying:

Although the majority of pages now have text and content on the page that is readable without zooming, we’ve recently seen many examples where these pages show intrusive interstitial to users.

While the underlying content is present on the page and available to be indexed by Google, content may be visually obscured by an interstitial. This can frustrate users because they are unable to easily access the content that they were expecting when they tapped on the search result.

Web pages do need ads to operate with profit, but enforced interactions with any kind of content can be a pretty unsatisfying user experience, so it’s very comforting to see Google finally taking a stand here.