The Blue Whale Game and its sick challenges have been in news from quite some time and now the social media, specially Instagram have also jumped in to help and spread awareness.

Sick challenge of Blue Whale Game hit headlines when a Russian schoolgirl posted a picture of a blue whale on Instagram before jumping off a 14-story building with her best friend. And now there thousands of public posts on Instagram marked with the hashtag #BlueWhaleGame or #BlueWhaleChallenge.

This notification pops up when you search for #bluewhalegame

Who created the Blue Whale Suicide Game?

Instagram displays a notification every time when someone searches for the terms. The message reads, “Posts with words or tags you’re searching for often encourage behavior that can cause harm and even lead to death.”

“If you’re going through something difficult, we’d like to help.”

It’s good that Instagram is spreading the awareness and trying to help but at the same time, it lets users see the posts, by giving them the option of “Show posts.”

Many of the shocking pictures include those of self harm and even jokes about the game, while some include pools of blood on the floor, while others appear to show a whale carved onto an arm.

What is the Blue Whale suicide challenge?

An Instagram spokeswoman said to The Sun: “We care deeply about keeping Instagram a safe and supportive place. We have zero tolerance for content that encourages others to harm themselves or commit suicide on Instagram and quickly remove any content which breaks our community guidelines.”

“Related hashtags may also include posts condemning suicide and self-injury and in many cases can help us identify and support those at risk through tools and partnerships with experts”