It is of no doubt that the social media has taken over our lives and plays a major role in it. We wake up and first thing we do is to check either Facebook or Twitter. Before the sleep, the last thing we do is to check social media again.


Social media is used to connect with friends, family and even get valuable news and information about all the things happening in the World. As much as social media has broadened our horizons, it has also made us less social in our real life.

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People have started to believe anything they see on social media because it has made us shun anything but our own inner circles. That’s why Facebook is also struggling against fake news, because people believe whatever they see instead of digging a little deep and finding out the facts.

Facebook Wishes Happy Holidays

Facebook’s new initiative is not new, in-fact they have been trying out for sometime and it also resembles with Google’s Doodle feature, but the site will be introducing some new things.

With Moments, Facebook will be placing messages at the top of everyone’s News Feeds. The first message everyone should see is one wishing them Happy Holidays, and users will be able to choose one of 18 custom-designed cards to share with their Facebook friends.

The idea is to remind people to share their precious time on holidays and special occasions with their friends and family. Friends and family outside the social media have their own importance and we should be spending time with them as much as we spend it on social media.