Link Building Mistakes
credits: TheNextWeb

One of the most common and the most famous tip which SEO guru’s give is to build Backlinks and avoid Link Building mistakes. Backlinks help your website to derive traffic and to gain popularity.

Link Building plays a huge role in Search Engine Optimization. There are many Link Building techniques that help to get backlinks and for better SEO, you don’t only need backlinks, but the quality backlinks.

Many people unknowingly make some common mistakes while building backlinks. Here are the mistakes you should avoid while doing so.

Links to the site with bad reputation

Never link to a site that has bad reputation, i.e spam site, duplicate-content site or any auto-blogging, porn sites. If you link your website to any such website, it won’t certainly help. Search engines won’t love such websites and neither yours, if you have any backlinks to that site.

Buying or Selling links

Never ever try to buy/sell links. Sometimes you might get banned from search engines for doing so. Search Engines only love natural links and Google made it clear that selling or buying links is considered as spamming.

Nofollow Links

Avoid getting Nofollow links for your website. Google made it clear that most of the times it ignore the Nofollow tag. So, if you want good SEO for your website, focus on getting Dofollow links, instead of Nofollow links. However, if you want to rank top in Bing, then you can continue to build no-follow links.

Baclinks from high/low PR domains

Getting backlinks from only one kind of domains is not good for SEO either. It is good to get backlinks from high PR websites, but you should keep a mix of high and low PR domains. If you build too many high PR or only low PR links, then it might not look authentic.

Links with PR of 0 and 1 are basically very low, PR of 2 and 3 is more or less acceptable, and PR of 4 and above is just fine.

Irrelevant backlinks

Always try to get backlinks from relevant sites. For example, if your website is about life style, then try building backlinks from other life style sites. It will add more value and weightage to your site PR. Getting backlinks from irrelevant sites won’t certainly help you alot.

Dozens of link building in short time

One of the other common mistake that usually people make is getting tons of backlinks in a very short span. Always avoid committing this mistake as Search Engines might remove your website from indexing. Remember all the great things were not achieved in a day or two. It takes time to build a good PR website, so work with patience.

Building backlinks is tough but a very effective way to rank up your website. It takes hard work and patience to get your website in top rankings. So, avoid common Link Building mistakes, work with concentration and never lose hope. One day you will succeed.