Microsoft’s LinkedIn

Yesterday, LinkedIn – the Microsoft-owned professional networking site – announced it had achieved a new milestone, with over 500 million users registered.

The growth of LinkedIn has been pretty impressive considering it had 400 million members in October, 2015, and 450 million members in August, 2016. Although, when we compare it to the other companies like Facebook, then it isn’t much impressive at all.

LinkedIn works differently though. While most Facebook users engage with the service on a daily basis, LinkedIn users visit the platform rarely, with only 25 percent visiting the site each month. An analytics firm, Apptopia suggested that half of all LinkedIn members visit the site on a monthly basis.

Apptopia CEO Eliran Sapir says, “LinkedIn has proven time and again to be one of the strongest social and professional networks out there. Strong growth numbers and even stronger engagement mean a great acquisition for Microsoft, and lots of potential to grow, especially on mobile.”

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Since acquired by the Microsoft, LinkedIn has ceased to report earnings. Alternativetly, user milestones are perhaps the best way we’ve got to see how the site is doing.