Poor grammar can lead to many things, including bad grades and even missed job opportunities but we somehow keep on making them and it never stops.

Using data gathered from Editor, one of Microsoft’s newest features in Word, Microsoft has released a list of the 10 most commonly flagged grammar mistakes by their proofing tools.

It’s worth noting that these mistakes go beyond just mixing up their/there/they’re. Editor learns the way you write and not only it notices the instances where you misspelled something but also offers suggestions to eliminate redundancy or confusing language.

Microsoft’s list of 10 common grammar mistakes


1. Too many white spaces between words.
Example: Go  outside please.

This one is an easy one to make, and it easily gets ignored as well. But too many spaces between words doesn’t look good if you do it way too many times. Please ease up on your poor spacebar.

2. Punctuation (missing comma)
Example: If the weather remains the same we’ll leave early.

People like to say that commas indicate pauses, and it’s absolutely true. A sentence missing comma sounds like you’re snapping at someone. Or like you are out of breath. It is actually very annoying and sometimes even changes the meaning of the sentence.

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3. Hypenation
Example: My 3 year old son.

Ever wonder how the words like “Frankenstein-esque” and “dance-ish” exist? Hyphens are important and a handy way to group together descriptors.

4. Comma missing after introductory phrase
Example: First of all we must make sure that the everybody is here.

Errr what? Please give the commas the respect they deserve.

5. Subject verb agreement
Example: The cats eats.

This is also one of the most commonly made mistake. And the sentence starts to sound like a tounge twister.

6. Possessive and plural forms
Example: My brothers house is new.

It is probably the time we accept that we are never going to master the apostrophes. Confusion between “its/it’s” and other words like that, will forever be a mystery.

7. Capitalization
Example: It’s cold, But we are going out.

Probably the most unprofessional mistake to make, second only to literally using a curse word where it is unwarranted. It also Looks bad, Right? Right.

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8. Agreement with noun phrases
Example: I would like to buy this apples.

Typos! Easy to make and very easy to spot.

9. Commonly confused words
Example: After all that running, I am out of breathe.

Like the bass and base are pronounced the same way but mean different things, we got to blame English for this mess.

10. Incorrect verb form after auxiliary
Example: They had ate when we came.

These are the worst but also pretty much noticeable.