Residents of the United States, Canada and Australia itching to ditch their flashy smartphones to go nostalgia for the Nokia 3310 better curb their enthusiasm – the handset will likely be practically unusable in these countries.

According to Gadgets 360, while the HMD Global has kept some of the most recognizable aspects of the 3310, it also retained its old band frequencies. But here’s the thing: This will render the phone virtually impossible to connect to most present-day carriers.

Much like the original Nokia 3310, its new and improved remake will support only two band frequencies – 900MHz and 1,800MHz. While these frequencies were easily compatible during the golden days of the old 3310, this modern is unlikely to support such frequencies.

To operate across the globe without any restrictions, handsets must support at least four bands, including 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

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Most carriers in the US and Canada no longer support the frequencies the revived 3310 does. The same goes for Australia and Singapore, where carriers are gradually shutting down 900MHz and 1800MHz bands.

The reborn Nokia 3310 is expected to be available in India later this year with the modest price tag of $50. Which is still a little expensive for a phone like 3310 features.