Ever since the Nokia has stepped in the market of Android-powered smartphone, it has started to gain its reputation of un-destructibles once again.

Nokia, once known for making phone which would last for a life time – has started to gain that quality back which started from its Lumia series particularly 520 and 920. But now its Android phones also own the same feature.

Nokia 6 Durability Test

The Finnish company is keeping up with its legacy. Nokia 6, company’s new smartphone was tested for Scratches, Bending & Burning in a video released yesterday by the YouTuber JerryRigEverything.

The phone was bent, scratched and burnt (not literally) in the durability testing.

Of course the phone holds up pretty well to bend and burn tests but it scratched easily on the sides and the back due to the all metal aluminium build as the Nokia advertised that the phone was built from a single block of 6000 series aluminium.

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As for the dropping test, it was done a while ago when the phone was thrown away, dropped and used to break walnuts, and it stayed intact. WATCH IT HERE.