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When there are benefits, then there are negatives as well. Social media is the biggest example of that. The war against racism, hate and trolls continue as Twitter is trying once more to make the social network a nicer place to play. This time it’s rolling out a trio of new features designed to temper the toxicity of Twitter. Will these latest efforts work? Only time will tell.

It’s well known that Twitter has a harassment problem. Thanks to a combination of trolls and legitimately nasty people, Twitter can be a horrible place to hang out many times.

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Twitter has made various attempts to stop hate by making it easier to report abuse, suspending the accounts of offenders, and adding the ability to filter out specific words. Now the company has announced three more major safety updates for its users.

An Update on Safety

People who have previously been suspended from Twitter will be prevented from creating new accounts. Twitter isn’t saying how it will achieve this, but it’s seeking to stop the worse offenders from simply starting up a new account with a new username.

Users will have the option to conduct a safe search removing “Tweets that contain potentially sensitive content and Tweets from blocked and muted accounts”. People who want to see an unfiltered view of Twitter will still be able to do so.

Potentially abusive and low quality tweets will be hidden from view. This means anyone scrolling through a series of tweets will only see the replies Twitter deems to be constructive to the conversation. Everything else will be collapsed.

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The new features seems great and much-needed, but don’t think it’s gonna solve all the harassment problems that are on the platform. It mostly depends on its users to discourage the trolls and those who spread hate instead of appreciating them.