Web browsers are the most important part of online World. Web browsers have evolved over the years. However, they tend to evolve in short bursts, with a period of innovation followed by long periods of incremental improvement.

Web Browsers are arguably due another major leap forward, and Opera is hoping to lead the way. Company has launched a brand new web browser called Opera Neon. This is a concept web browser designed to offer a tantalizing glimpse at the future.

What Opera Neon has to offer?

The browser is totally different than the current crop of browsers. It blends into the desktop by using the same background. Tabs and shortcuts are presented as circular bubbles, while the taskbar is removed from the equation, with basic controls shunted to the sidebar.

A split-screen view enables you to have two websites open at once. You can also control media playback with minimal effort. This allows you to listen to music in the background, or watch a video while still browsing.