PayPal integration in the Google‘s Android Pay has been a long over due, when the news first broke back in January this year, and an official announcement from came last month. Now the feature appears to be going live, at least for some users, in United States, for now.

The PayPal integration will enable users to link their account to Android Pay. They will then be able to use it to make payments at supported NFC terminals or when checking out in Android apps.

Android Pay.

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Starting from today, users are seeing a splash screen informing them that the integration is now live. With that, Google has also updated the page for supported banks and cards to include PayPal. It further states that any banks or cards that PayPal supports will work with Android Pay.

The latest feature is a great workaround for the users who have been unable to use Android Pay because it doesn’t have support for their bank. All they have to do now is to link their PayPal account with Android Pay.