Quora, a Question/Answer website, much like Yahoo Answers but better than that in quality, has begin crack down on users’ ability to hide behind a veil of anonymity. The vast majority of actions will no longer be available to anonymous users and everything posted anonymously will be reviewed by the platform. And the reason is obvious, the usual spammers and harassers.

Quora has always allowed people to post anonymously. This proved useful for people when “there were personal or sensitive experiences involved, or they were seeking or sharing knowledge in controversial topics”. However, the company now admits anonymity is “not without its faults”.

According to the Quora’s email sent to anonymous users, starting from March 20, 2017, if they would like to anonymously edit their existing anonymous questions or answers, they will need to do so using an anonymous edit link. Every anonymous question and answer created after March 20, 2017 will be associated with a unique anonymous edit link that will allow anyone who visits it to anonymously edit the content.

● For questions, the anonymous edit link will be the only way to anonymously edit the question text, question details, and topics. Edits made from any other url will show up in the log with the name of the person who made the edits.

● For answers, the anonymous edit link will be the only way to edit or delete the answer.

Right to Review Anonymous Content

As detailed in a Product Updates post, from March 20, 2017, the following changes will occur:

All anonymous content will be reviewed before it’s published. Quora is especially on the lookout for spam and the harassment of others, but users will still be able to report questions or answers if they spot other violations.

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According to the website, they will not be removing any content, anonymous or public, as a result of this change. Changes will only affect the ability to anonymously edit questions and answers users have added anonymously.