Rising to the highest level is always tough for everyone, whether a man or a woman – But as women, there are some particular hurdles that can make the journey upward toward positions of power and influence especially challenging.

And despite all the efforts made by Women activists lately, the gender gap in tech is actually getting worse.

In 1984, 37 percent of computer science graduates were women. Today, that number is just 18 percent. Data from the Census Bureau shows a similar decline in the workplace.

Women In Tech

Below are some bad-ass quotes from some bad-ass women on how to overcome the issues that women in tech or other sectors face in their everyday life and career.

Laura Lippay, Organic Search and Technical Optimization Lead, Netflix describes her struggle and journey:

 “I’ve always competed with the boys … so all my life I’ve lived with those sour ones who don’t think a girl can do it, or playing nice on what they perceive as their turf means getting stepped on. I’m used to it – I don’t dwell on it much – but I can say that those boys best come prepared, ’cause girls like us never aren’t.”

And Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines has a tip for when meeting clients for the first time:

 “Always say both names. That’s what a man would do.”

Aim Higher

There is a huge confidence gap between men and women and on average, women tend to aim for lower-paying jobs. Not only this renders the important contributions that women make to the economy, but also wastes years of investment in educating girls and young women.

Head of Talent Acquisition for Shazam, Ruth Penfold, explains:

“Women are terrible [about] undervaluing their experience … I caught myself doing that, then I held myself to account on it by writing out all of the brilliant attributes that enabled me to land my role, and all the great achievements I have made there that have enabled me to keep it.”

And Yessi Bello Perez, senior reporter, Tech City News encourages women to aim higher:

“We need to get the message out there that we’re just as capable, knowledgeable and talented as our male counterparts and most importantly, we have to believe that we are.”

Overcome Your Fear

Fear is the root cause of some many great problems that women face during their jobs and that stops them from aiming bigger goals. As studies have shown, women tend to be more risk-averse than men. So ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

As Arianna Huffington, the founder of Huffington Post has a simple thing to say:

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes — understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

Kick Ass

Are you sick of playing politics? Or getting much less than what you deserve in all your efforts? Then it’s probably the sign that you need to leave that job and do something on your own.

“Don’t let being a woman hold you back from the leader that you’re destined to be.” – Jamie Farsnel, Due

These little pieces of wisdom can help women, but you need to remember no body can help you better than yourself. The fight against gender gap is an on-going battle and women are going to face it everyday.