Few days back, Uber added a new feature to its app which should have been a thing from the beginning. Called Saved Places, the feature lets users save their favorite locations for future reference.

It’s a fact that most of us spend our time in the same few places, and no matter how many times we visit those places, we tend to forget the addresses. Uber’s new feature helps with that.

In order to bookmark a destination to the list of Saved Places, all is needed to be done is to look for the option to save that address in the Uber feed. Once the address has been saved, it can be accessed any time by tapping “Where to?” and selecting “More Saved Places,” where a list of addresses will appear.

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Uber claims that, over time, the app will be able to predict which of your Saved Places you’re heading to. It will then show the relevant locations as shortcuts on your homescreen.

The Uber app has always allowed users to store a couple of locations, but now the company has expanded that list to as many places as they want.

The new feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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