The internet isn’t just made of Facebook, Twitter, 9GAG or all your favorite websites. There are millions of devices that are connected to it. And those devices can be anything, such as webcams, smart light bulbs, traffic lights, printers, and even smart homes, connected to it and if you didn’t know, there’s a search engine that allows you to find them.

Internet of Things – It is basically the internet of things and it’s a great tool to find insecure devices, so that people can fix them and make the internet safer. Shodan crawls the internet and collects all kind of stuff connected to the internet.

Thanks to Shodan, it’s incredibly easy to find hackable things on the internet. But the purpose of the search engine is not to help hackers, but to help people fix their unprotected things.

What Shodan Can Do?

Since almost every new device now has a web interface (maybe even your refrigerator) to ease remote management, Shodan can show web-enabled servers, network devices, home security systems, etc that are left open.

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Shodan can find webcams, traffic signals, video projectors, routers, home heating systems, and SCADA systems that, for instance, control nuclear power plants and electrical grids. If it has a web interface, Shodan can find it!

◘ Find Unprotected Webcams
◘ Find Traffic Lights
◘ Find Routers
◘ Find SCADA Systems
◘ Find the Default Passwords

In addition, Shodan has some powerful features to search specifically for devices by type, login, port, and geography. It is one hell of a place for a person who wants to find hack-able things.