Every day there is a new update for your favorite apps. As the war between Snapchat and Instagram wages on – specially now Instagram has also copied Snap’s face filters – Snapchat has to come up with something new and fancy. And so naturally, the company has released their latest feature.

Starting from May 23rd, Snapchat users will be able to create their own custom Stories in collaboration with any of their Snap friends, based on a shared event or location.

To create your custom Story, simply:

1. Tap the ‘Create Story’ icon
2. Give your custom Story a name
3. Select friends to invite who can view and add to the Story

The feature also allows users to put a geofence around the story, which means your Snap friends in the same area can contribute to it – perfect for parties.

And just like the other Stories, these custom ones will disappear if no one contributes to them in 24 hours.

It should also be remembered that while you can contribute to an unlimited number of Stories at one time, you can only be the creator for three custom Stories at a time.