Twitter, mute egg accounts
Via: TheNextWeb

Twitter’s war against abuse and harassment on social media continues, as the company is rolling out several new features this week aimed at reducing abuse. Twitter has made it easier to report abusive accounts, but more than that, the platform is trying to make sure you don’t see them in the first place.

The features start with leveraging AI. For example, if Twitter sees an account is constantly tweeting at non-followers or is “engaging in patterns of abusive behavior,” it will make its tweets only visible to followers.

Twitter to hide Low Quality Tweets

Via: TheNextWeb

The second important feature is that users will now have the option to filter out posts from accounts without a profile picture – the ones with the default “egg” photo, as well as unverified emails or phone numbers. This is an important feature, as trolls mostly tend to have several accounts with no verified emails or profile pictures. This will help shutting them down for good.

Lastly, Twitter will be a bit more open about the reporting process. You’ll now be notified both when Twitter receives a report and when it takes action against a user, instead of waiting for the social media platform to take some step.

All these upcoming features are important and necessary for the social media platform to fight against harassment. Now Twitter needs to make sure users are properly informed these tools are available so they can minimize abuse in the first place.