Twitter, in a slight change is getting rid of ‘egg’. Yeah, one of the most well-known bits of Twitter’s visual identity is a default egg profile photo – but until now. Default profile photo is now a silhouette, like pretty much every other social network.

New Default Profile Photo

Describing the reason behind the change, Twitter says some people kept the egg because they thought it was fun or cute, instead of uploading a photo that actually showed off something about their identity. And the new gray profile picture is so boring that it’d force people to change it.

“First, we explored gray, generic images to communicate that this profile photo is intended to be temporary,” Twitter explained on blog.

“We chose grays because they feel temporary, generic, and universal.”

“Because of its coloring, the new profile photo also gives less prominence to accounts with a default profile photo.”

Twitter also goes into detail about how it designed the new photo to be more gender inclusive, and also generic, unbranded and inclusive.

Company has made some meaningful steps over the past year, because it was getting a lot of criticism because of hate and trolls accounts on the platform. And because, mostly the egg is associated with trolls, Twitter even introduced an option to automatically mute users with an egg avatar.

The social media network also began to hide “abusive and low-quality” tweets, and prevent previously-banned users from returning to the platform.