Twitter is quickly marching towards making big bucks, with providing its users something to stick around. Last week, Twitter revealed its plans to launch a 24-hour live-streaming channels on its platform and announced that it was teaming up with Bloomberg to deliver round-the-clock financial news. Now, the social media giant has a dozen more partners on board to broadcast video on its platform.

The new deals will see daily and weekly live programs from the likes of BuzzFeed News, The Verge and Cheddar, as well as games from the WNBA and MLB. Users will also be able to tune into concerts from Live Nation, fashion shows and behind-the-scenes content from IMG, MTV award ceremonies and more.

Twitter’s partners for 24-hour live streaming

With this new big step, Twitter hopes to monetize its platform further and rake in major ad dollars in a way that it hasn’t really managed so far. It’ll be interesting to see if the company plan to keep people stay glued to its platform for more than just tweets pays off in the coming months.

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