While using the Twitter’s mobile app you might get used to the Night Mode. But while using in on the web browsers, you won’t get the same option If you’ve gotten used to the darker colors and want a seamless experience in your browser, all it takes is a small extension.

Twitter Web Night Mode – a small extension available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – transforms the Twitter web page using a darker, night-friendly color scheme. The appearance is identical to the one you might already be used to on your phone.

Night mode is pretty helpful for the people who tend to browse Twitter in bed, it’s just as useful on the computers as well. The color scheme should also lessen the strain on your eyes.

Have a verified Twitter account? HERE is something to worry about.

Once installed, it will convert your Twitter in to the Night Mode, but unfortunately there is no toggle on and off. If you want to switch it off, you’ll have to uninstall the extension.