There’s still hope for a specific set victims in the famous WannaCry hack. Security researcher, Benjamin Delpy has released a fix that gets rid of the ransomware and restores files, only on computers that have not been rebooted since the infection.

Fix that is called Wanakiwi, works on Windows XP to Windows 7. It’s based on an older fix called WannaKey. When run in infected device, the fix searches the computer’s memory for prime numbers that are the basis of the encryption, and then uses those to generate unlock keys for the encrypted files.

Key generation in memory, immediately followed by the actual routine destroying the keys.

WannaCry is the largest ransom-ware attack in history and it was unleashed on 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries on May 12th, briefly locking down thousands of major institutions around the globe. The ransom-ware demands $300 (in bitcoin) to restore the infected device’s files, and it gives victims one week to pay.

WanaKiwi in action.

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Researchers are continuously trying to fix the issue and Wanakiwi is one of them. Though it’s not going to help everyone — not those who tried to fix the computer by restarting it. But hopefully it’ll help those who don’t want to pay the $300 Bitcoin ransom and haven’t rebooted their device.

Download the fix from GitHub HERE.