A rumor has been circulating from last couple of days about a new feature coming to WhatsApp. You may have been alerted about this so-called notification by your friends or family on WhatsApp chat groups or on Facebook.

According to the rumors; the new feature would alert you if someone takes a screenshot of your WhatsApp conversation in groups or otherwise. And this feature is set to go live on February 5th.

Lets just take a break there. This update was reported by a “humor and fake news website”. 8Shit – as it is evident from its name; is a fake news website that has its presence only for such purpose.

Another look at a fake news reported by 8Shit.

Website reported this update for humor, and as usual people started to share this all over the internet without even verifying it. Don’t worry; there isn’t going to be any such feature in the WhatsApp; at-least not in near future.

We advise everyone to at-least double check a news before circulating it over the internet.