With time and slow and steady updates, WhatsApp is becoming quite a fascinating application. Started just as a simple chat application, WhatsApp now supports video calling, voice calling and many other features as well.

Native GIF Support

WhatsApp latest update 2.17.8 – lets you search for and send the GIFs directly from the app itself. All you need to do is tap the emoji icon – there will be a “GIF” option at the bottom which you can tap to browse the GIFs.

Whatsapp GIF Support

Media Sharing Limit Increased

Another important change to WhatsApp is the media sharing option. Users could only select 10 images or videos to share at once – but in the beta version, you can choose up to 30 images/videos to share together.

Keep in mind that these new features are only available via WhatsApp beta. And you are advises not to use the beta version of WhatsApp as the default app on your phone. This is because it may have bugs and glitches that could make the app itself unusable.