Looks like nothing is going to be free from ads even if you pay. Just like the Windows 10, now introducing ads inside its file explorer.

Credit: Tall_Ships_For_Life / Reddit

According to a Reddit user, One Drive ads started to appear in its Windows 10 file explorer. And as per sources claim, these ads are a part of upcoming Creators Update, which some people are currently testing in beta. Nobody asked for this, and yet, here we are.

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Even though the ads are just small pop-ups, but that’s how it starts. Who knows Microsoft might start selling its other products through these ways.

Thankfully, you can turn them off by following these steps:

Launch File Explorer and click View > Options > Change folder and search options.

In the Folder Options dialog that pops up, select the View tab.

In the Advanced Settings box, scroll down and uncheck the option labeled “Show sync provider notifications.” And hit OK.

That should sort you out even if you aren’t yet seeing the ads on your copy of Windows 10.