Microsoft’s next major update for Windows – Windows 10 Creators Update, is just around the corner and could be available for download in a couple of weeks.

Windows 10 – released in 2015, was the last big version of the operating system. Since then, we’ve only got incremental updates, like the Windows 10 Anniversary update, last year.

This year, Microsoft plans to continue the tradition with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Some of the highlight features from Windows 10 Creators Update include a major focus on 3D, virtual reality, and built-in broadcasting.

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The update was expected to be released in Spring of 2017 and sources are indicating towards Windows 10 build 15063 being the final version of this operating system. Moreover, Microsoft is also said to be internally referring to this build as the “Release to Manufacturing (RTM)” software.

Windows 10 build 15063 was available to download on Microsoft’s official website, but barely hours after, Microsoft pulled it and it is now extremely likely that build will be available to download as the final version soon. And if this is indeed the final build, the Windows 10 Creators Update could be available as soon as April 11th.

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